September 20, 2006




“Chum Bucket / Bait Station”

Rabud, Inc. introduces the most convenient and effective Chum Bucket/Bait Station on the market.

 Tom Rowe, Sales Director of Rabud Inc., the leading maker of Sea Scuppers, Deck Hatches and Storage Compartments, explains: “The innovative minds behind the Rabud product line, in conjunction with the input of dozens of seasoned sport fisherman, have collectively created the “Gunnel Mount Chum Bucket/Bait Station.”  This Chum Bucket features a Five (5) gallon bucket mounted to an 8” Rabud ¼ Turn Twist N Lock Hatch designed for easy removal.  The hatch is mounted to a multi position arm that readily secures into your rod holder.”

 The convenience of the Chum Bucket is demonstrated at normal working level, eliminating the need to bend and lift, and will save countless hours of cleanup.  The Chum Bucket comes ready to use and will not slide or spill.  The universal mount also converts to a Gunnel Mount Bait Station with just a twist, adding more value and convenience.

Available from Rabud, Inc, 110 N. Bryan Rd, Dania, Florida 33004. Phone 954-925-4199.

Dealer inquires are welcome.



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